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 +====== Happy 49th Birthday Karen ======
 +By Shelly Godwin for Karen on what would have been her 44th birthday today [in 2013]:
 +"I wish you were here today
 +Even for just a little while
 +So I could say happy birthday
 +and see you bealful smile
 +The only gifts today will be
 +The gifts you left behind
 +The laughter, joy and happiness
 +Precious memories... the best kind.
 +Today I'll do my very best
 +To try and find a happy place..
 +Struggling to hide my heavy heart
 +And the tears on my face
 +I'll set quietly and look at your picture
 +Thinking of you with love
 +I hope you're doing OK
 +In heaven up above.
 +May the angeis hoid you close
 +And sing you a happy song...
 +And I'll sending wishes to you
 +Today and all year long
 +Happy birthday."​
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