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 +====== Companion Arts National non-profit organization providing Caregivers resources, programs and products.. ======
 +**[[http://​www.companionarts.org|Companion Arts]]**
 +You and I are not the first person in the world to take care of a loved one. Seek guidance from those that are going down the same road that you are on to help your loved one.
 +Wish I'd know about this [[http://​www.companionarts.org|organization]] a long time ago.  I'd sat next to the COO of this organization many times, being the brother of a friend of mine, and never knew this was one of his passions until this past Saturday. There are no coincidences in the world...
 +Companion Arts enhances the quality of life of family and professional caregivers by providing innovative and evidence-based services, products, and resources. Our work with caregivers is based on our values:
 +  * Compassion and well-being drive our mission to serve caregivers;
 +  * Creativity, innovation, and learning drive how we serve caregivers;
 +  * Sustainability and a results-orientation drive our resource model and focus on measurably improving caregivers'​ lives.
 +Companion Arts, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization,​ was co-founded in 2002 by Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin, creators of the acclaimed audio resource, Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying.
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