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 +====== Read it seven times ======
 +                                9 September 1985
 +                                  Z-NEWS 302
 +WOW! again: ​  Foot put into mouth! ​  ​Suggesting (in Z-News 209,  pg  2,  first
 +line)  that  everyone read material seven (7)  times, ​ without ​ simultaneously
 +giving full explanation of why,  has been big stumbling block for many.  So we
 +deliver ​ details ​ to  remove those (mental) ​ blocks; ​ remember, ​ read  through
 +explanation (and everything else) seven times:
 +Readings 1 and 2.   Skim material twice, ​ quite rapidly. ​ Use your finger
 +to  help your eyes play over words, ​ lines, ​ and paragraphs. ​  ​Key ​ words  and
 +phrases, ​ ideas, ​ and concepts begin to take from.   You gain a feeling of the
 +thought-flow,​ a framework making next step more powerful.
 +Reading 3.   Read material now from beginning, much more slowly and care-
 +fully. ​ Pause to re-read and ponder new ideas and deep thoughts.
 +Use dictionary for unfamiliar words.
 +Readings ​ 4  and 5.   Skim over material twice again, ​ but not  quite  so
 +rapidly as first two times. ​  Let key concepts sink in even deeper. ​ This is a
 +more leisurely skim.   Pause at any word looked up in dictionary and make sure
 +you  know  both  basic meaning of word,  and its meaning in  present ​ context.
 +Sometimes the thought expressed by a particular word or phrase is so new  that
 +it's difficult to grasp at once,  even with dictionary help!   Do not worry at
 +this point. ​ Future readings add clarity.
 +Reading ​ 6.   ​Now, ​ read material from beginning again with extreme care.
 +Now is the time to really pause, to ponder, to digest, to impress deeply. ​ Try
 +to obtain essential, inner feeling of messages, even though you may not under-
 +stand them fully or grasp completely at this stage. ​ Try at this point to read
 +material aloud!
 +Reading 7.   ​It'​s a slow skim.  Somewhere between your leisurely skim and
 +your first careful reading, #3.  It is time to enjoy, to bathe yourself in new
 +insights ​ and viewpoints opening up to you...new understanding comes (in  next
 +There you have it--we do our best to explain. ​  Never think that learning
 +something new, really new, comes quickly or easily. ​ GREAT EFFORT IS INVOLVED!
 +But  keep  reading even if you think you don'​t ​ understand--what ​ comes  later
 +(down  the lines) explains what came before, ​ following natural ​ back-and-fill
 +(smoothing) concept.
 +   ​
 +Z-News 302 is Copyright 1985 Echelon, ​ Inc. [Now out of business.] ​ All Rights Reserved. ​ Permission
 +to  reprint, ​ wholly or partially, ​ automatically granted if source credit ​ is
 +given to Echelon.
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