Hubby, in his quest to not let my death be in vain, , entered a medical design contest (he designs computer widgets for a living). Hubby's entry, #5:“Intracranial Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure Regulator”, was selected as a finalist for the Dare-To-Dream Medtech Design Challenge. He won 3rd place. Hopefully it will get the attention of some medical manufacturer…

CSF Pressure Regulator

Rounding out the winners' circle in third place is the Intracranial Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure Regulator. The entry, submitted by Bob Paddock, was inspired by a personal experience; his wife committed suicide after an excruciating headache that resulted from cerebrospinal fluid leakage.

“The inspiration for this dream device obviously came from a very personal place,” said Jamie Hartford, managing editor of MD+DI. “The Intracranial Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure Regulator is a novel improvement over the standard of care for intracranial hypotension caused by cerebrospinal fluid leaks, a condition that can cause devastating headaches. I like that it uses wireless power transfer, which is really the next step for implantable devices.”

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