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In my car accident I was hit from the side causing my head to snap to my left hitting the area of my left ear on the door jamb, causing Traumatic Brain Injury and Sideways Whiplash. Months prior to the car accident I had fallen at work and had some X-Rays take. Those X-Rays showed a normal cervical curve of my neck. After the accident more X-Rays showed the bones of neck to be straight, like I had a ruler strapped to it! Hubby found that this type of sideways whiplash was common among football players and tracked down the doctors that worked with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't remember why now, we never did meet with those doctors.


Soft-Tissue Review, 1996-2003 Injury Resources Review, 2003-2006

I started to research the topic and found a wealth of scientific literature on whiplash. In 1993, I started writing about the topic and wrote my first book, The Guide to Whiplash, in 1995.

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