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-Garth is the brown one. 
-Nick it the tricolor ​one.+Diamond is the big black and white one.  She is the first dog we got about a year after we got married.
-Diamond ​is the big black and white one.+Nick it the tricolor one.  He is the second dog we got.  We got him as a puppy from [[http://​www.aussierescue.org|Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline]]. ​ We know he came from an accidental breading in Kansas. ​ Over the years we reached the conclusion that one of his parents was a Wolf from his temperament.
-Sapphire is the small black and white one.+Garth is the brown one.  We got him when Diamond went to [[:​kpaddock:​rainbowbridge|Rainbow Bridge]]. ​ It was to quite with just one dog here. 
 +Sapphire is the small black and white one.  Look at that picture again.
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