These comments were left on my Memorial Page at the funeral home.

08/08/2013 Tracy Stolarski

Karen was a member of our CSF leaker group on Facebook. She was always so supportive of others, even with all of her pain. She leaves a gaping hole in our group, which is more like a family to many of us. She will be missed and never forgotten.

08/08/2013 Sarah Ambrose

You are at peace now Karen with no pain and the love you shared will forever remain. I feel blessed and honored to have shared a part of your life. Sleep well

08/08/2013 Carrie Johnson

I am so sorry for your pain and suffering Karen. I hope you are at peace now. I only wish you could have had this peace here on earth with us! Blessings to your family. So sorry….

08/08/2013 Essie Hollandsworth

I am so sorry for your loss and am thinking about you Bob and have you in my prayers.f

08/08/2013 Cindy Anderson

Your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!

08/08/2013 Pia

Such a beautiful lady, and tough IH warrior. May you rest in peace and may your family be comforted in their time of grief. God bless you.

08/08/2013 Kim Dean

I am so sorry for the loss of someone so beautiful and close to your heart….. I am a warrior for people with Chiari…. you are in my thoughts and prayers…..K

08/08/2013 Elizabeth Liz Steele

My heart goes out to everyone who knew her. I saw the news of her death on the Arnold Chiari web group on Facebook. I understand her frustration & the misery she was in. It hurts when doctors don't give the time & provide the resources they're paid, by US, to do. Your wife/daughter/friend/mother…Karen's death came when I, too, just found out I have a small CSF leak. I'm scared…Karen's story will keep me fighting though…she has inspired me to keep going. Her story & untimely tragedy, has helped me understand…I have to take control and not let the doctors discard me like paper. I will get help & not be ignored. I will remember Karen, I never knew her…but we had something in common which bound us together.

Again, I'm so sorry….very very hurt for all of you.

08/08/2013 Linda shambaugh

I met Karen on our CSF Leak support FB site and spoke (via msg'ing) with Karen quite often over the last year. She would msg. me often to see how I was doing or how my family was. She was so caring of others even though she was in so much pain herself. I will miss our friendship. Prayers go out to Bob, her rock, and the rest of karen's family. Bob, your love and commitment was communicated often by Karen in our talks. Praying for your peace.

08/08/2013 DuAnn Bacon

So sorry for your loss, may she rest in peace now.

08/08/2013 Marcie Parks

Karen- You was someone I could go to with my problems and you would give me advice. I am sure gonna miss you my heart is breaking now that you are no longer here. I pray for your family that they can go on. Till we meet again my friend. God Bless You.

08/08/2013 Jackie Shettler Boor

08/08/2013 Nancy Zapf

Rest in peace my sister in Chiari. Blessings to your family and friends to lessen the pain they are in.

08/08/2013 Lois Giltinan

My heart goes out to the family and friends. God grant you comfort and strength in this time of sadness.

08/08/2013 Kimberly (Berlin) Hunsberger

I saw this message written elsewhere & thought it may bring you some comfort. I thought it was beautifully said. Hope you do,too.- the good Lord seen he was in a lot of pain. Said, Come with me your suffering is at an end .. here u will walk with me in heaven upon golden streets… Blessed be my friend. Miss u always, too.

08/08/2013 Lee Campbell

Wow, where to begin? Karen has been an inspiration to many, including myself. Thru her pain and suffering, she always put the needs of others before herself. She has been and will forever be a bright beacon for those in need. I consider my life enlightened by calling her “friend”. Thank you, Karen, for your kindness and encouragement. Many of us will know that you are with us in spirit. With deep and profound love and admiration, your friend, Lee.

08/08/2013 craig svoboda

I pray her pain is gone. I wish that pain on no one else. I wish her family peace. It is fair to say I did not know her personally but it is also fair to say I understand. God bless and she needed more than we saw fit to give.

08/08/2013 Pam Tomlinson

Karen always had kind words for me and I considered her a friend. I will miss her private messages she would send me on Facebook to see how I am doing. She was a great lady and a great friend. She will be missed. Prayers to the family and friends and anyone that was touched by Karen's kindness and heart. RIP my friend

08/08/2013 Lottie Carey

Karen was a very caring part of our pain group, I'm am so sorry that her pain put her through such debilitating times! She was always such a caring loving person! With my deepest sympathies to all of her family and friends! Karen your pain has finally ended Go Bless!

08/08/2013 Linn Ash

On behalf of our 5,100 members of the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome group in FB, please accept our heart felt grief for all who knew her personally. I met her originally thru the CSF leak group, and she often reached out to help me and others with tough medical situations. The members of our group understand living with pain the way she had to- and have gone thru much the same thing. We will do what we can to raise awareness for these situations so that we can hopefully inspire the medical community to take PAIN SERIOUSLY and help everyone. Praying for all of you, with love and gentle hugs, Linn

08/09/2013 Kyla Jenkins

My heart breaks as the family prepares to lay Karen to rest.

Karen was a leader in a world of overwhelming pain.

I pray for the pain to be healed in all those it affected.

08/09/2013 Karen OHair

My prayers are with you and Bob, my friend. We, in the CSF Leaker community, will remember and miss you. We weep for the pain you suffered.

08/09/2013 Stephanie McManus

In honor of her pain. To bring awareness to doctors. Peace and love to all.

08/09/2013 Jennifer Southerly

I did not know her/you but I too suffer from Chiari, I know the pain and pressure that she must have felt. I am so sorry that the doctors couldn't or wouldn't do something. I struggle with my doctors to help me my symptoms. It's an on going thing for me. A never battle… I am so sorry you lost the battle.. my thoughts and prayers and love goes out to you and your family…

08/09/2013 Tina

Sending prayers out to the family and friends of Karen and to all who suffer with Chiari. Rest now Karen, your pain is gone. You can enjoy your new life now.

08/09/2013 Cindy Hamilton

I did not know you in person but I knew you online. May your soul rest in peace. Blessed Be.

08/09/2013 Janette

May you be free of the horrendous pain chiari inflicts on us. Sending love to your family and all fellow sufferers .

08/09/2013 Abbie Cobler Haws

So sorry for your loss.

08/09/2013 JB

I hope you are at peace now Karen. This awful CSF leak syndrome robbed you of so much, and now its taken you away from Rob. Your legacy will live on, and you will always always be remembered in the CSF leaks page.

08/10/2013 Nancy Ferringer

I am so sorry for your loss. Karen went through so much, with so many doctors, and so many false hopes of getting relief from her pain. She was an extraordinary person and touched so many people in so many positive ways. Even with all the suffering and pain she was in, Karen would always ask about my husband, who suffers from RSD and also has chronic pain. That's just the kind of person Karen was-always concerned about others. I pray that she finally has the peace she so deserves. God Speed, Karen. You will be missed.

Nancy Ferringer

08/10/2013 Ronda

I never knew you, but share in the pain of having a child who suffers chronic migraine pain—and the challenges of day to day suffering and discrimination due to hidden illnesses. I am so sorry for your family and friends. Praying for peace and I am thankful you are pain-free.

08/10/2013 Larry and Mary Anna Truitt

Dear Bill,Mary and family, we send our most sincere sympathy in the loss of your dear daughter.Please accept our heartfelt condolences at this sad time. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

08/10/2013 Lynette Plude

To all of Karen's family, we are all so very sorry for your loss and those of us from Chronic Pain Sufferers United miss her dearly. Karen was a very sweet and dear woman that always offered her support to those that needed it and shared her heart with everyone. We will all miss her, but pray that she is now free of her pain. God bless to all.

08/11/2013 Barbara H Shepard


Thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness, caring. Even in your deep pain you thought of others. I miss you and will not forget you.

08/11/2013 Sandi - from Facebook CSF Leak Group

Though I never met Karen, our worldwide network of people going through similar health/medical challenges, connects us all. I have tears writing this and reading all the posts–and the posts on the CSF Leak. Time after time each of us shared we understand and have been close ourselves.

I send prayers for peace and comfort for all who are mourning, and for Karen to rest peacefully and pain free.

08/11/2013 Elle Willis

I'm so sorry to hear that Karen just found it all too much. I know exactly how that feels ESP as a fellow csf sufferer and feeling like Drs just can't help. Her strength shows though in the amount of time that she did live with such an awful, misdiagnosed and invisible condition. My thoughts are with Bob who I know was a great advocate for her. Much love Elle xxx

08/12/2013 Cheryl-Anne Sukhu

My deepest condolences to Karen's husband Bob, her family and friends on her untimely passing. May her soul rest in peace.

08/12/2013 Brittany Bryant

I hope you are pain free and enjoying the beauty of heaven!! I am a fellow IHER and my heart is broken for your family for the loss that they are going through!!! Prayers and hugs!!!!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥

08/12/2013 Vicki Walker Callahan

Bob, my heart breaks for you and I send my prayers that you find comfort from all the kind things people are posting. Karen's strength is evident through all on FB and here. I pray she knew how many people she touched and that others will continue to fight for those who are suffering.

08/12/2013 Williams Family

Prayers for you all! My husband has been dealing with daily headache from a leak for 7 years and so my heart breaks for your loss. God be with you!

08/12/2013 Rosann Lawson

My thoughts and prayers to your entire family. I didn't have the honor to know Karen personally, but I know she must have been a wonderful woman! I know she was a strong woman. Living with a chronic illness (RA), I understand her pain. Again, My Prayers are with Karen!

08/12/2013 Eve Sargent

Dear Mary and Bill. We are so sorry for the loss of your daughter, we know how hard it is to lose a child, as we lost our son James 2 yrs ago in July. God be with you and your family and her husband and family. Just know we are thinking of you all. God bless you help in your sorrow. love and prayers. Dave and Eve (Myers) Sargent and family.


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