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I need your help so that one no else dies in pain the way I did. Read My Story mostly in my own words, it is bring everyone that reads it to tears!

We need to get more doctors educated before anyone else dies from this treatable condition. The primary doctors at the top of the food chain for CSF Leaks are Dr. Gray Leithe at Duke and Dr. Schievink at Cedars-Sini. There are not enough doctors educated to treat this problem.

A discretionary fund has been setup to support Dr. Gray that is aiming to get more than $750,000, the amount required, to support a fellowship training program at Duke School of Medicine. Then more doctors, like that UPMC doctor, would have known what to do, rather than telling me to wait an other couple of weeks in pain… Please Help so the others still suffering can get to doctors that know what is going on. Having only a few in the world right now is killing people like me. :-(

Also, in conjunction with Duke University Hubby set up the tax deductible Karen Paddock Memorial Fund (Endowment for the Division of Neuroradiology) to further the study of new radiology techniques that would have shown where my 'leak' was.

First stage funding is to reach $250,000 so the fund becomes self-sustaining. The long term goal is to support research into better imaging equipment and related CSF research, that would have found my leak. This could cost in to the millions of dollars for FDA approvals. Any help would be appreciated. Better to give here than to the IRS. Follow Hubby's Blog as he studies things like T-Rays for better imaging…

Check should be made out to:

Duke University”,

which is the legal entity, and the memo portion of the check shall say:

For addition to the “Karen Paddock Memorial Fund”,

send to the attention of:

Joseph W. Tynan, J.D. Executive Director of Gift and Endowment Planning
Duke Medicine, Development and Alumni Affairs
710 W. Main Street, Suite 200
Durham, NC 27701.

Rather than a check you can give online.

Duke will mail you a tax receipt for your records to be used when filling your taxes.

The permanent endowment Karen Paddock Memorial Fund is part of the legal entity “Duke University” which is a tax exempt nonprofit institution under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 © (3) and 509(a)(1). Therefore, contributions to the memorial fund are deductible for federal income, gift, and estate tax purposes.

March 2nd, 2011 at 10:36am

I am the author of the following:

Regardless of the cause of chronic pain, certain themes emerge. Chronic pain affects the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ones life. Chronic unrelieved pain causes impaired activities of daily living, changes in mood, decreased involvement in social activities, impairs function, leads to depression, anxiety, causes feelings of hopelessness and despair, and can result in suicidal behavior.

You learn who are your true friends. Many people are supportive in the beginning. As time goes on, most of those people reject you. Only true friends last.

Chronic unrelieved pain steals your future, your ability to hold a job, and your health insurance (if tied to your job.)

People that have not experienced severe unrelenting pain for months or years expect you to suck it up and continue your normal daily activities.

Chronic pain makes you feel alone. Like no one understands how much pain you are in.

Karen Paddock

[Sadly prophetic about suicide. – Hubby :-(]

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