The Death of Opossum Published

There have been many unexpected consequences from Karen's suicide. Most all of them bad. Here is one today while not bad, it is unexpected.

The Bridge Literary Center published a shorted version of my The Death of Opossum poem (?).

Writing that and having it published, on page 55 of the book show below, released today, were something I'm sure Karen nor I envisioned coming from her death.


“ A literary arts journal of Venango county and beyond!

The Bridge Literary Arts Journal has entered the world! Poignant poems, fabulous fictions, endearing essays, phenomenal photographs! Pick up your copy for a mere $5 donation at Neverending Stories: 1252 Liberty St., Franklin, PA.

Release Party: Saturday, Nov. 22, 11-2. Help us celebrate the literary arts in Franklin, PA!”

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