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 [Work in process need to go take care of something right now] [Work in process need to go take care of something right now]
 +In my car accident I was hit from the side causing my head to snap to my left hitting the area of my left ear on the door jamb, causing [[:​resources:​tbi|Traumatic Brain Injury]] and [[http://​www.nhs.uk/​conditions/​Whiplash/​pages/​introduction.aspx|Sideways Whiplash]]. ​ Months prior  to the car accident I had fallen at work and had some X-Rays take.  Those X-Rays showed a [[https://​www.google.com/​search?​q=normal+cervical+curve&​tbm=isch|normal cervical curve]] of my neck.  After the accident more X-Rays showed the bones of neck to be straight, like I had a ruler strapped to it! Hubby found that this type of sideways whiplash was common among football players and tracked down the doctors that worked with the [[http://​www.steelers.com|Pittsburgh Steelers]]. ​ I don't remember why now, we never did meet with those doctors.
 +[[http://​www.injuryresources.com/​handout.php|{{ :​resources:​low_speed_collisions_handout.jpg }}]]
 Soft-Tissue Review, 1996-2003 Soft-Tissue Review, 1996-2003
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 http://​www.injuryresources.com/​handout.php http://​www.injuryresources.com/​handout.php
-Foot Ball+