Corticosteroid not FDA approved for Epidural Injection.

Summary of label changes to drugs July 2014. All CORTICOSTEROID products that are currently approved for intrajoint, dermal, and intralesion injection are clearly labeled as NOT FDA APPROVED FOR EPIDURAL INJECTION. This includes depomedrol, triamcinolone, Kenalog, betamethasone and MORE. Any use of this product for such purposes is OFF LABEL. By this definition, all compounded corticosteroid products ARE NOT APPROVED FOR EPIDURAL INJECTION. Compounded corticosteroids used for this purpose are considered to to be EXPERIMENTAL, as they have not been either FDA approved or clinically trialed and lack safety data. Experimental applications are not off label, and they require specific safety protocols under 21 CFR… –

These shots can cause the painful condition Arachnoiditis.


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