Karen's Picture

It will be one year that Karen has been gone from this world on this Thursday August 7th.

I still cry almost every day.

I'm crying now.

I wanted to put a picture of her at the top of her Facebook Page for people to remember her by. I fell she is already being forgotten. Oh so sad. :-(

The blue wolf represents the true Karen, the one that only I had the privileged of knowing.

The world judges to harshly and to quickly on appearance and other such minutia, without taking the time to get to know someones soul. The soul that evolves, no longer the soul of the ugly duckling little sister, no longer the loaner teenager with few true friends, the soul that filled this now empty house, I could sense when she was not in the house, a house now forever empty of that beautiful life. The soul of the self educated intelligent woman that wanted to help so many, gone to soon. I will love you until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge

I love you Karen!


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