Fellow leaker Lee Campbell, whom lives in the Durham area, negotiated a Leakers Rate with Comfort Inn Medical Park, and Durham Homewood Suites. Karen and I liked Comfort Inn because it was simple, nothing fancy, the hospital was just down the same street, there was a pharmacy and good restaurants right across the street. Contact me and I'll give you the magic billing code you need if you are going to Duke for a CSF related procedure.

Karen was always to incapacitated to make it across the street so I'd bring back food from the restaurants on occasion. Mostly what we ate were Amy's Kitchen dinners. Also at least once I'd make a trip around the corner to Whole Foods Market and bring back some fresh salad and other healthy things that we could not get at home. I went to the Whole Foods Co-op in Eire PA expecting it to be just like the one in Durham. I was disappointed. You could put four of the Eire Whole Foods in the one in Durham. {Now that I look at those web sites it is apparent they are two different companies.}

Please help us find connections to the hotels near Ceadrs-Sinai, not being from that area we've had no luck making the proper connections with the right people, to get better rates like we have in Durham.

Karen's frugalness lead her to check the hotel web site room rate daily, while we were already in the room. She learned that if the hotel is not full on a given day they will lower the rate in the hopes of filling the room. The going rate for the Elan Hotel when we were there was $200 per night. She got rates for $112 and $153 a night more than once when we were there.

The downside to any hotel in the L.A. area is if there is a convention in town, or during Duke's graduations in Durham. Those people know to schedule a year in advance and we don't, the hotels raise their rates during those, if you can get a room at all. :-(

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