Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: Fully Updated and Revised by Rupert Sheldrake.

Some time ago Hubby's Dad end up in the hospital, I thought you'd find of interest as to how he got there.

The underlying problem was heart problems, from being accidental poisoned in a industrial accident in the Steel Industry years ago.

He said Diamond, our eight year old dog at the time, saved his life. We had to put her down due to liver cancer. Sad.

Apparently Dad had not been feeling well. Actually told Mom to take him to the hospital that morning, but then changed his mind. Hubby and I knew nothing about this.

That night Diamond started behaving very oddly, unlike anything she has ever done. She kept pawing and whimpering at Hubby, which she just did not do.

For some reason Hubby had the feeling he should call his parents. He got their answering machine. He left a message saying how Diamond was behaving, and asked them if every thing was ok at their place. Out of character for him as well, he'd never felt the need to check up on them before. They ate Sunday dinner at his Uncles so there was nothing unusual about them not being home right then.

About 45 minutes later Dad called, after returning from Uncles house near by, and said he was going to the hospital.

Dad told Hubby that Diamonds behavior had scared him in to going to the emergency room.

They told him that he had, had a silent heart attack.

Diamond calmed right down after the phone call and was fine after that.

If it was not for Diamond, Dad would not have made morning. Diamond got him almost an other eight years with us.

Dad always called Diamond his 'Grand-doggie' since we don't have any kids to be grand-children. She loved it when he itched her ears, seems no one else did it as well. We are sixty miles from Hubby's parents.

That is the kind of sensors we need to be figuring out…How did she know???


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