I'm the brown one, Garth.

Nick is the one next to me.

Sapphire is the small black and white one, and Diamond is the big black and white one. Mommy got me when Diamond went to Rainbow Bridge.

Daddy set up a blog for me. Since I can't type I don't use it much, mostly Daddy uses it for testing Mommy's wiki. Daddy did post my dentists visit. I wanted to find Mommy!

After I watched Mommy die I got very depressed. The Vet told Daddy this. My pack is gone. Mommy and I were always here together, Daddy works to much. Daddy started to take me for walks on the bike trail. My fur stopped falling out in clumps after I was not left alone at home so much. I can go outside into the fenced area if I want to when Daddy is not here.

Mommy would never let Daddy take me to the Bike Trail. Mommy's are always right, as I got Lyme Disease from a mean tic there. Mommy never thought about the long term consequences like this of her suicide. This makes me sad. :-(

The nice people where Daddy works lets Daddy take me to work with him some days. I like to steal everyone's lunch when I'm there. I'm always hungry.

My fur is starting to fall out in clumps again. Daddy is worried all the time about me. Someday I'll goto Rainbow Bridge and meet Diamond for the first time. Then Daddy will truly be alone. That makes him very sad. These articles on How to Support a Dying Animal and the web site Spirts In Transition will help him and you when the time comes.

Diamond knew Grandpa needed help. I hope someday our Humans learn how our senses really work.


This is Nick's last fetch on his last day. It is not a happy one to watch. :-(

[It is at times like this I miss Karen the most. I had no memory of us having a cat in the house. Karen would have remembered the exact details. :-(

Nick had hip dysplasia, so Karen got him a treadmill to keep him exercised (we did not get one when I wanted one years earlier, go figure). At times Nick would ask to get on the treadmill. We thought we'd burn off some of his high energy levels. We discovered we were building up his endurance!]

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